The Lithium Industry Is About To Get SMACKED–And This Is The Only Way to Play It

by Keith Schaefer January 31, 2018

They are the industry killers. When Dr. Andy Robinson and Robert Mintak set out to build a lithium producer together, they wanted a world-scale project, and they wanted it fast.  That meant no chemical risk, no permit risk, they wanted to be in production ASAP to take advantage of the HUGE profit margins that lithium […]

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The Global EV Trade NEEDS This Company

by Keith Schaefer November 16, 2017

Bankers Cobalt (BANC-TSXv) is one company that will make a lot of money—in a very short time frame—from doing business The Right Way. I think this will be the most profitable, feel-good story in resources in 2018.  Their business model will both fast-track cobalt supplies to a hungry Electric Vehicle (EV) market—rewarding shareholders—and help rid […]

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by dj June 16, 2017

The Best Investments have LOTS of Blue-Sky Upside…where the Market and investors’ imaginations can see huge growth.I’ve found the Blue-Metal Stock with huge Blue-Sky Upside…in fact, I think it has a great shot at being the nextcobalt producer in North America, far away from the Conflict Cobalt in the Congo.And that is something I’m convinced […]

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Investors are Missing the Leverage in this Energy Play

by Keith Schaefer November 28, 2016

INVESTORS ARE MISSING THE LEVERAGE IN THIS ENERGY PLAY Advertorial by Keith Schaefer You know what I think most investors are missing about the lithium boom right now? Leverage. Demand for lithium is high.  We know that because lithium prices are high. In their latest quarterly, lithium producer SQM realized prices of US$12,000 per tonne […]

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I Think This Is The Next Lithium Mine

by Keith Schaefer November 3, 2016

I THINK THIS COULD BE THE NEXT LITHIUM MINE ADVANTAGE LITHIUM – AAL-TSXV Advertorial by Keith Schaefer There’s A Big Change coming in the red-hot lithium sector.  Exploration stocks have made investors rich this year, but now it’s the developers—those who can monetize their properties—that will get investors’ attention. It’s very tough to put a […]

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How to Create Value Out of Thin Air

by Keith Schaefer March 15, 2016

The good management teams create value almost out of thin air.  That’s what Lithium X Chairman Paul Matysek has done in just four months. Matysek was able to secure 80% of one of the Top 10 lithium assets in the world—called Salar de Diablillos—for no cash; just shares. There’s a lot of lucky co-incidences for […]

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The #1 Money Maker for 2016

by Keith Schaefer January 21, 2016

The world agrees—lithium is the only commodity that will go up in price in 2016. Lithium is fueling the global consumer electronics market (grams per unit), the fast growing Electric Vehicle (1-5 kg per unit for hybrids, up to 44 kg for fully electric cars) market and will get a huge boost as energy storage […]

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The Most Bullish Oil News of 2015–So Far

by Keith Schaefer July 30, 2015

Two Trends Will Make This Stock A Winner Select Sands Corp. – SNS-TSXV; CLICF-PINK Advertorial by Keith Schaefer Oil investors got the most bullish news of the year on Wednesday June 29—US oil production dropped 145,000 barrels a day (bopd) last week. The stocks of producers went up, but the senior frack sand suppliers—US Silica, […]

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This Junior Oil Stock Ticks ALL The Boxes

by Keith Schaefer May 21, 2015

 Advertorial by Keith Schaefer I think junior oil stocks are ready for a Big Run.  The four month drop in US oil rigs is likely to result in a very bullish weekly inventory number from now through July. But I don’t want to run and buy any junior oil—I want to find The Best One […]

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Texas Oil Producers are Drooling Over This

by Keith Schaefer April 30, 2015

Texas Oil Producers are Drooling Over This Advertorial by Keith Schaefer   Frac sand is all about location.  Location-Location-Location. And Select Sands (SNS-TSXv) has a superb location for its new Tier 1 frac sand deposit in Arkansas—almost right over top of the Fayatteville Shale, and 650 rail miles closer to Texas than Wisconsin, where almost […]

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