Where Can You Still Find Great Leverage in the Oilpatch?

by Keith Schaefer March 31, 2015

AVEDA TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY SERVICES AVE-TSX   There are very few companies in the oil and gas services sector on my radar screen right now, but Aveda Transportation (AVE-TSX) is one of them.Now the largest drill-rig mover in the entire USA, they just reported year end and Q4 2014 revenue and cash flow that Beat the […]

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The Most Compelling Value-Add in the Patch–NXT Energy

by Keith Schaefer April 2, 2014

The Holy Grail–This Company Can Pinpoint Reservoirs–and Tell if They are Full NXT ENERGY (SFD-TSXV)   ADVERTORIAL BY KEITH SCHAEFER I don’t own shares in NXT Energy Solutions (SFD-TSXv) because the company has a promising technology. I own shares in NXT Energy Solutions because it has a DISRUPTIVE technology that has already been PROVEN. It’s being used on three continents by […]

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High North Resources – The Most Obvious Energy Takeover Target For 2014

by Keith Schaefer February 6, 2014

The Stock In The Sweetest Spot of the Market Advertorial by Keith Schaefer The sweet spot in junior energy stocks is investing in a company just after they discover a new play—and they have a big land position all around it. It sets them up for months or years of low cost growth. It’s even […]

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A ‘Free Ride’ in the Hottest Exploration-Development Play on Earth

by Keith Schaefer October 16, 2013

ADVERTORIAL BY KEITH SCHAEFER   The East Africa oil play is now moving to the second level—development.  Exploration in the area has been so successful that well costs are coming down, and pipeline planning is heating up. Tullow Oil (TLW-LSE) and Africa Oil (AOI-TSXv) have been the leaders, going four-for-four on their exploration, and discovering […]

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The Next Big Company in the Next Big American Shale Play

by Keith Schaefer September 25, 2013

Strata-X is on the Cusp of Discovery with 48,000 Acres in Illinois Basin SXE-TSXv – STRXF-PINK ADVERTORIAL BY KEITH SCHAEFER The perfect exploration stock has a low market cap and a big discovery—accompanied by an even bigger land package, and run by a team that has built and sold juniors before. And that’s what I […]

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The Next U.S. Oil Boom Is About To Begin

by Keith Schaefer August 21, 2013

The Biggest Oil Formation in the US Could Produce this Year And Zodiac Explorations Will See Massive Benefits ADVERTORIAL BY KEITH SCHAEFER When the Bakken shale oil play really got rocking, stocks like Continental Resources went from $10-$100, and Brigham Exploration went from $2-$36—all in just 2-3 years. When the Eagle Ford got rolling, stocks […]

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This Well Could Hit 20 Million Barrels–The Play of the Year — African Hydrocarbons (NFK-TSXv)

by Keith Schaefer April 15, 2013

Investors Will Know if African Hydrocarbons (NFK-TSXv) will be a 10-Bagger by the end of June One of 2013’s most high impact wells—across the entire junior energy sector—is set to drill.  The good news for investors is:1.     It’s a geological dead ringer on new 3D seismic only 25 km away from a well that flowed […]

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Aroway Energy is the New Way for Juniors – (ARW-TSXV)

by Keith Schaefer February 13, 2013

Old style plays will be new growth model for juniors and Aroway Energy (ARW-TSXv) is ahead of the market Old school, conventional oil plays are making a big comeback in the Canadian oil patch. They have lower costs, higher profitability, and have been ignored since the Shale Revolution took hold several years ago. Shale plays […]

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An International Stock To Watch in 2013 – Taipan Resources (TPN-TSXv)

by Keith Schaefer January 28, 2013

The East African Oil Junior Best Positioned for 2013 International oil plays are where the 10-baggers are for energy investors. Because they are generally higher risk, they get financed at a lower price. That sets the stage for Life Changing Wins–if and when they hit their target. There’s still a lot of low hanging fruit—read: […]

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Emperor Oil (EM-TSXV)—A Rags-to-Riches Oil Story Unlike Any Othe

by Keith Schaefer December 19, 2012

It took five years for Africa Oil [AOI-TSX] to be an overnight success. The stock ran from $2-$11 in the spring of 2012 when they made a big oil discovery in Kenya, East Africa. But that exciting chart spent five years bouncing between 50 cents and $3 and tested the patience of every investor. It […]

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